Vidéo : Massage Qigong Movements With 10 Fingers

This is the 10 Movements of Massage Qigong with 10 Fingers.
Practicing this Qigong will help you to improve your Health, Strengthen Internal Organs, and Prevent a lot of Illness.
You can Practice repeating each massage movement from 60-100 times. It takes 10-15 Minutes a day to enjoy this exercise will be very wonderful.
– Movement#1: 1:20 Relax face, make face healthier
– Movement#2: 2:36 Strengthen and heal heart
– Movement#3: 3:54 Reduce headache
– Movement#4: 5:30 Reduce toothache, headache
– Movement#5: 6:55 Restore energy when feeling tired and exhausted
– Movement#6 & #7: 8:12 Strengthen immune system, internal organs
– Movement#8: 11:14 Balance sugar levels; prevent diabetes
– Movement#9: 12:14 Nourish eyes, make eyes more bright
– Movement#10: 14:50 Prevent and heal cold, fever

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Enjoy Your Daily Qigong Meditation with Joy and Peace at Home.

🔔 Health disclaimer: Please consult your physician before doing any of these exercises.

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